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Can You Be Natural And Rock A Pixie?

Hair2design Online: / 2014-01-06





Can You Be Natural And Rock A Pixie?






A pixie hair cut is one of the most popular and stylish hair cuts that will probably never go out of style. I was browsing Instagram and came across a photo of a girl who was natural and had just straightened her hair and cut it into a pixie. It was super cute, but then I saw a comment from someone asking how can you be natural and rock a pixie?


The girl really wanted to try the style but couldn’t see how it would be feasible with her natural texture.


It’s a fair question, as those who have had short hair know the struggle of having to straighten regularly with a flat iron and stay current with relaxers for best results, right? As someone who “transitioned” to natural from a pixie cut I definitely know the struggle.


For me, I couldn’t wait to rock my coils so I didn’t stretch out the straight pixie for long. I think I might’ve straightened it with a flatiron once or twice and then out of a fear of heat damage just embraced my incoming fro. The thing about short hair is that it grows fast, so I made habit to finger coil the back which was completely natural and added perm rods to the top that was still relaxed.


If you are going to try to do the style I believe you should shoot for winter where you’re less likely to encounter humidity and heat which will cause your roots to curl up. The last thing you want to do is repeatedly straighten your hair daily with heat.


Also I have to add that another major key to keeping a straight pixie looking flawless while you’re natural is to make sure you are tieing down your hair tightly at night. For a little bump you can use uber large flexy rollers or jumbo perm rods at the top.


So yes, its possible to rock a pixie while you’re natural but unfortunately it won’t be easy!